World’s first decentralized

identity is the first fully decentralized identity solution the user is in full control over. It inherits the legal identity of the person as foundation.

It is a fully automated KYC process for identities, build-in.

  • Fraud is enabled by unverified users
  • Compliance requirements by law or partners to verify users
  • Assurance, no transparency verification process
  • Very high compliance fines
  • KYC processes are very time consuming
  • Due to complex processes low data quality
  • Due to long waiting time and paper trail, low turnaround rate
  • Onboarding of new customers and employees are cumbersome

How works?

Identity fraud is the mother of all crimes

Frans Bolk, founder

We verify the document against the source and check the integrity and validity. And we make sure the person is genuinely present. So you know the identity is real and the person is who he claims to be!

Scan ID

or id card

The visual page and the MRZ are scanned for verification and cross checked for triage.

Scan of NFC

of passport chip

The chip is verified for authenticity and integrity of the ID-document against the source.

Realtime proof

you are who

You claim to be and a real person and genuinely present at that moment.

Identity is verified

and real!

When we know for sure the identity information is stored securely in the phone of the user.

Provisioned identity must be verifiable and secure

Frans Bolk, founder

A new enterprise specific identity is provisioned that inherits the trust of the legal identity document and may contain specific identity attributes like personal number, telephone number, e-mail, etc.

Scan QR code

or use email invite

to request access to resources of the enterprise.

Request consent

of passport chip

and form a new derived identity. Specific attributes may be requested from the user.

Proof of genuine


of the user and verify its a known or new user and add specific enterprise attributes.

Identity is verified

and real!

is verified and stored securely on the phone of the user for re-use.

Identity is not about technology it’s about processes and technology is used to enforce the process

Frans Bolk, founder

Manual processes are error-prone and take a lot of time and create an additional risk for the enterprise. Securing and controlling access to your personal data is a part of products DNA. Mob id uses the same design principles and technology enforced security measures to protect the identity lifecycle.


assurance metrics

for specific organisation and the risks to counter and at what assurance level.

Audit of trail

for identity transactions

to proof you are compliant to regulations.

Identity security

enabling and securing

Identities for all users and organizations, applications and data.

Automated secure

Access to technology

assets while maintaining security and compliance-risks and reduce risk.

You can check the verification

flow on your device

Industry application is the only decentralized eKYC solution with multi-level onboarding. The foundation for is the legal identity of a person using the globally recognized and protected passport and ID card. verifies the ID documents against the source and makes sure the documents are real and the user is genuinely present. Onboarding a user takes 5 seconds for the user to confirm the identity and all needed information is sent to the bank for verification, all fully GDPR/CCPA compliant. Because verifies the identity document against the official source of the document, compromised documents are weeded out because they are not from an official source and this makes fraud using compromised passports obsolete. Fraud using impersonation is counteracted using face verification and liveness detection. uses a full audit trail for compliance so the bank always knows when and who did what. The user has also an audit trail on his phone, fully GDPR/CCPA compliant. is an easy to use app where the user is in full control over his identity and whom he shares the information with. Because it is unknown what apps the user has installed on his phone uses a zero trust architecture, just to make sure we can trust the results.’s zero friction during onboarding positively differentiates the bank in a market where digital services have become the norm and consumer trust breeds brand loyalty.

Metaverse refers to the concept of a highly immersive virtual world where people gather to socialize, play, and work. It’s the next chapter for the internet (Mark Zuckerberg). Metaverse is the virtual representation of the universe for people to interact. The technologies that make up the metaverse include virtual reality—characterized by persistent virtual worlds that continue to exist even when playing or living or working—as well as augmented reality that combines the digital and physical worlds. Metaverse is a digital economy, where one can create, buy, and sell goods.

Metaverse allows you to create a persona that you can take everywhere. is a hybrid identity based upon the real legal identity of the person. can be used in the real world and in Metaverse, thus hybrid. You can visit the bank account in the real world, the virtual world and in Metaverse.’s zero friction during onboarding positively differentiates the organizations in metaverse in a market where digital services have become the norm and consumer trust breeds brand loyalty.

Cryptocurrency remains appealing for criminals due to its pseudonymous nature and the ease with which it allows users to send funds anywhere, even despite its transparent and traceable design. Effective Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations have two important consequences: first, they make laundering schemes more risky and less profitable; second, they create new avenues by which investigators can catch and prosecute criminals. Effective AML/KYC procedures among cryptocurrency businesses are essential. AML/KYC starts with identification of the user. helps compliance officers stop many schemes before they start. FATF clarified earlier that NFT marketplaces, DeFi protocols, and stablecoin providers, depending on the activities in which they engage, are also obligated to adopt KYC compliance and monitoring solutions. is a decentral identity ecosystem fully independent of whichever blockchain technology. can be integrated in every blockchain based solution! is fully zero friction based and uses a zero trust architecture. turned KYC into a fully automated process and it takes a new customer only a few easy steps to be verified.’s zero friction during onboarding positively differentiates the crypto industry in a market where digital services have become the norm and consumer trust breeds brand loyalty.

Car Rental operators and vendors face different challenges while managing reservations and resources. With’s easy 4 steps registration the customer is fully verified using his passport or ID card. A biometry check is performed with the customer and the biometry and identity information on the documents are compared. verifies if the user is genuinely present at the moment of verification as well. When needed extra information can be added by the user, such as telephone number, email address. When a new customer registers with the rental company, the customer is verified against the internal databases to make sure the person is not on an internal watchlist. Identity fraud is commen when stealing cars and can be remedied using realtime identity verification against legal identities.

All data needed are prefilled using the information of the authentic and valid identity document of the user. When the rental company accepts this user as a customer, a new customer identity is stored securely on the phone of the user for re-use. For many rental companies, especially in big cities, the biggest challenge is to deal with overseas customers. verifies all ePassports and ID-cards.’s zero friction during onboarding positively differentiates the rental company in a market where digital services have become the norm and consumer trust breeds brand loyalty. sdk sdk delivers an easy way for you to extend your solution with a fully decentralized and trusted identity management environment. And the best thing is it’s free.

Passport reading

Automatic Passport and ID-card reading of MRZ


Reads OCR

Barcode reading

Reads several barcodes for verification or handshake

NFC Reading

Reads the chip from the passport and ID-card

Face verification

Verifies if the face matches the face in the chip

Liveness detection

Automatically proves the person is genuinely present

ID Wallet

Stores the identity securely on the phone of the user

Secure communication

Makes sure the communication between the phone and the backend is secure

Passport verification

Verify the passport against the source of the passport, so you are sure it’s authentic

Passport integrity check

Automatically checks if the passport compromised

Passport spoof

The passport is also automatically verified for spoofing

Audit trail

An automatic audit trail is generated


Frans Bolk


Founder and CTO
Knowledge holder. NATO background. ICAO Expert. Ministry of Justice Supplier. Passport and Identity Expertise. Architecture and Software.
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Yuri Warczynski

Co-founder, Investor, Speaker

Co-founder and CEO. Responsible for marketing, strategy and investor relation. Serial entrepreneur. Best TECH CEO 2017 by IT BIZ Awards.
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Hans Uithol


Co-founder and Chairman. Responsible for finance and business development. Worked for AT&T, Lucent, Alcatel, Philips.
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Step 01

User opens MOB.ID using PIN and/or biometry

Step 02

User reads QR barcode

Step 03

App makes contact with Enterprise Identity EcoSystem

Step 04

Enterprise requests consent user

Step 05

The EcoSystem checks credentials user

Step 06

EcoSystem adds Enterprise data to Identity

Step 07

EcoSystem makes and signs Enterprise Identity

Step 08

Enterprise Identity is stored on phone