MOB.ID is your
passport to the world

With MOB.ID you handle your identity and privacy information swiftly, digitally and securely. We at MOB.ID share your convictions and principles. We are always there for you

The Passport is the states sovereign responsibility
MOB.ID is the persons sovereign responsibility
MOB.ID Enterprise is the entities sovereign responsibility

Strong self sovereign
multi purpose mobile identity

With MOB.ID you handle your identity and privacy information swiftly, digitally and securely. We at MOB.ID share your convictions and principles. We are always there for you

When it comes to identities, everybody faces problems

How can one be sure of the identity offered? Can the identity offered be trusted belonging to that person/entity? Can the identity provider be trusted? What is happening with my identity information? Can I trust the service provider that he protects my identity information? Is the service provider really who he says he is? These are just a small selection of the questions everybody raises when thinking about identity. We at MOB.ID share your concerns. We address these issues with the first self-sovereign identity solution where the user and the service provider are in full charge of their identities in a secure way.

  • Scattered: many different digital identities
  • Loss of trust: little trust in third parties
  • Siloed: full dependency on third parties
  • Ownership of PII not with user
  • Too many cards and identities
  • Cumbersome administration
  • No automatic protection of privacy
  • Low on security
  • Inefficient and time-sapping
  • Fraud is enabled by unverified users
  • Compliance requirements by law or partners to verify users
  • Assurance, no transparency verification process
  • Very high compliance fines
  • KYC processes are very time consuming
  • Due to complex processes low data quality
  • Due to long waiting time and paper trail, low turnaround rate
  • Onboarding of new customers and employees are cumbersome

Benefits & Relevance:


trusted identity anchored in the authentication of the passport against the source


identity made strong through attestations and consent and reputation management


and control of identity stays with the user. User consents and delegates through trusted rights management


transparent, auditable transactions, based on the characteristics of immutability & consensus of PKI

Creating ‘one version of the truth’ in a network of transacting parties, taking away the need to verify and reconcile transactions, records

How MOB.ID works

It is the easiest, safest and most trusted way to authenticate yourself online! Forget complicated user names and passwords – it is easier and safer than checking your online bank account.

Step 01

User downloads
and installs MOB.ID

Step 02

Consent is requested

Step 03

Device ID is registered

Step 04

Unique Identity is generated

Step 05

Selfie is made

Step 06

Passport is verified in Identity EcoSystem

Step 07

Attest is added to Unique Identity

Step 01

User opens MOB.ID using PIN and/or biometry

Step 02

User reads QR barcode

Step 03

App makes contact with Enterprise Identity EcoSystem

Step 04

Enterprise requests consent user

Step 05

The EcoSystem checks credentials user

Step 06

EcoSystem adds Enterprise data to Identity

Step 07

EcoSystem makes and signs Enterprise Identity

Step 08

Enterprise Identity is stored on phone

Step 01

User opens MOB.ID using PIN or biometry

Step 02

User request access using QR code or NFC or other method

Step 03

App makes contact with Enterprise Identity EcoSystem

Step 04

Identity EcoSystem checks authenticity and integrity of identity

Step 05

Identity EcoSystem checks credentials user

Step 06

Identity EcoSystem grants access

So what makes MOB.ID protect your privacy?

We’ve worked very hard to make sure MOB.ID is easy and convenient. We worked even harder to make sure your private identity information stays private

Privacy by Design

MOB.ID has incorporated Privacy by Design into tech and systems by default right from the start. All privacy data is stored on your phone and you decide who, when and what may be used by whom. You have to consent before it can be used!

Secure authenticated Relationships for your Privacy

The days of guessing if a person is representing an organisation are over. MOB.ID is the new eID card 2.0 for organisations. The enterprise ID is a true derived identity that is unique and verified.

MOB.ID’s Trusted Digital Identity Principles

Achievement of Service Delivery Vision: “Citizens and businesses enjoy simple, convenient and secure access to services in a manner they choose and manage”

Mutual confidence

Mutual confidence or trust, in each other’s identity management processes.



Choice in how to use a trusted digital identity. The MOB.ID Framework respects privacy, ensures security, and gives jurisdictions the flexibility to implement solutions that best meet the needs of their respective clients.


Reduction of identity risk by increasing the integrity and consistency



Adoption of innovative, competitive solutions that can be relied on beyond the traditional organisational boundaries of departments, agencies, and jurisdictions. 

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