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1. Review the documentation and set up the call with our back-end team.
2. We provide the license for the organization to get ready to assist your clients.
3. Clients can start using API or mobile SDK for their businesses.

When you get a license:
1. We schedule an onboarding session with our developer to help you integrate SDK and showcase best practices for using Mob.id.
2. Our support will be available throughout the trial to assist you in using the product.
3. We provide this assistance at no cost to you. 

 Each identity verification includes:

  • Review DG of all levels of a chip
  • Liveness test
  • Cross verifications profile photo
  • Cross check passport data



  • MRZ check
  • Data chip hashes comparison
  • Country issuer e-signature verification


What countries are documents accepted from?

We support every country which has e-passports for their citizens. Mob.id solution covers 20 million identity documents kept in 190 countries.

Are there any additional fees?

We don’t have hidden fees. After the assessment, you get a direct quote. The pricing is tailored for each specific case and discussed individually.

What are the advantages of Mob.id verification?

Mob.id relies on the legal identity document of a person and makes sure the paper is actual and the person is genuinely present.
We use mathematical proof (e-signature) to ensure the legal identity document is authentic and
not compromised. We help you provide the person’s identity in a fully automated and trusted process.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unhappy with the product, we offer free cancelation and a full refund within 30 days.

What information do you store about my users?

Mob. id doesn’t store any personally identifiable information of users. Instead, the PII is stored on a mobile device to support the decentralized infrastructure of the system.