Get free access to the record of the webinar

Get free access to the record of the webinar 

The webinar is dedicated to “Fraud and verification challenges in fintech 2023”.  Three experts will be sharing their vision on verification challenges and how it will influence products in fintech. 

Who is it for? 

For C-level managers and people who face daily verification procedures in their workflow.

For business owners who are eager to know what kind of trends are on a rise.

For all people who want to be up-to-date with market changes in the fintech industry.


Frans Bolk

Founder at, 10 years experience as identity specialist in EU.


Richard Ney

Founder and CEO at Lerex Technology, co-founder of innerExchange.


Laurent de Bernede

Entrepreneur and senior consultant in innovative financing and payment solutions.


Agenda and key topics


Webinar length – 1 hour.
Presentation duration – 10 min.
Q&A – 5 min.


  • Identity fraud and the process of customer due diligence in fintech (Frans Bolk).
  • Preventing fraud while onboarding new customers in the banking industry (Laurent de Bernede).
  • Working towards effective fraud prevention (Richard Ney).


Identity fraud

The common problems connected with identity fraud for businesses.

Banking industry protection

How banks fight fraud and mitigate risks for their clients to achieve higher level of security?

CDD tools

What kind of tools are used by fintech сompanies to improve the CDD?


Each attendee of the webinar will get following items.

Presentations of speakers

Recording of the webinar

Free consultation with an identity expert

Get the big picture on verification challenges from industry experts

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