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Mob.id aimed to become a verification provider, go beyond this title, and be part of multiple ecosystems. The cog turns the right wheels.

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Mob.id aimed to become a verification provider, go beyond this title, and be part of multiple ecosystems. The cog turns the right wheels.

HYS Enterprise

  • With our head office in Amsterdam and Dutch management, we ensure reliability, transparency, and honesty combined with open-mindedness in any area of collaboration.
  • Our main development office in Bydgoszcz (Poland), the core team of skilled experts from Ukraine and the mix of talents from Europe, we ensure flawless service delivery at reasonable prices.


Custom software development

Build breakthrough products tailored to your industry-specific needs.

IT consulting and advising

Get access to our tech expertise to improve process efficiency and develop viable software solutions.

Enterprise applications

Harness the power of technology to improve operational efficiency and performance across the enterprise.


  • We combine software expertise with custom development services to build unique crowdfunding platforms for early-stage and established businesses.
  • Startups may use LenderKit to launch a prototype and raise capital for further development of a crowdfunding platform, conduct A/B testing and more.


Marketing site layouts

Explore the pre-built layouts for your crowdfunding website. Use one of four themes to save time and set up your website quickly.

Investor portal

An interactive portal for users on your crowdfunding platform. It allows fundraisers to create campaigns and investors to invest.

Powerful back-office

The admin area which allows the admin of the platform to manage fundraising and investing activities, set up fees, create roles, and more.


  • Refinitiv provides accurate and structured information to help you meet your KYC and third-party due diligence screening obligations. 
  • Help meet your regulatory obligations, make informed decisions, and prevent your business being used to launder the proceeds of financial crime or associated with corrupt practices.


Data Catalogue

Access broad and differentiated data sets to help you navigate the rapidly changing financial markets.

Financial Impact Hub

Stay up to speed with our latest insights on the global trends and news events that are reshaping financial markets.

Big Conversation

Each week we examine major themes driving the markets and use Refinitiv’s best-in-class data to assess the risks and opportunities for investors.


  • We unify the uniqueness of your voice and Artificial Intelligence to allow you to prove your identity while you speak..
  • Our technology uses advanced AI  to deliver accurate and secure voice authentication, making it easy for businesses to confirm the identities of their customers & employees.


Identity verification

Verify the identity of a user or client when consulting confidential information or authorizing a transaction

Fraud detection

Stop fraud using our black-list feature

Voice access control

Unlock any physical or virtual door with your voice


  • We rely on a deep knowledge of the regulatory framework, market players and solution providers to aggregate.
  • We mobilize a team of business experts to refine your strategic vision, design the product, position the offer, develop your solution and manage its marketing.


Design of offers

Definition of the offer, regulatory framework and support with regulators, MVP, customer journey, product roadmap.

Technical implementation

Selection of technical partners (KYC, Score, DSP2 Aggregation, Banking-as-a-service, Payment initiation, etc.), drafting of choice files, contract negotiation, technical architecture and developments.


Strategic and operational marketing, recruitment of sales representatives, search for the first customers and distributors.

Process visitors with confidence.

We thrive on challenges and are committed to providing the level of protection you desire.

Schedule a call with us to explore the full potential of Mob.id and discover how it can meet your unique security needs.



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