Learn more of AI and its challenges for Fintech

Our founder, Frans, and two new speakers invite you to join our discussion on a hot topic: “Impact of AI on data privacy and risk mitigation in fintech”.

Who is it for? 

For C-level managers and people who are familiar with CDD, KYC procedures.

For business owners who are eager to know what kind of AI trends are on a rise.

For all people who want to be up-to-date with market changes in the fintech industry.


Frans Bolk

Founder at Mob.id, 10 years experience as identity specialist in EU.


Anjali Gugle

Product security and data strategy at Cisco, 10 years.
Mentor and volunteer.


Dr. Tony De Bree

Strategy and change management advisor. 10 years of online entrepreneurship.


Agenda and key topics


Webinar length – 1 hour.
Presentations from the speakers – 45 min.
Panel discussion – 15 min.


  • Ai –  opportunities for new banks and online platforms (Dr. Tony de Bree).

  • How to maintain privacy level with AI usage in fintech (Anjali Gugle).

  • Stay ahead of the curve by mitigating AI-based risks in fintech (Frans Bolk).


AI impact

What teams can start doing with AI tools to become more productive. 

Fighting fraud

What kind of factors can help to reduce fraud level in your business.  


How usage of AI tools impacts our privacy and what we can do to improve it.


Each attendee of the webinar will get following items.

Presentations of speakers

Recording of the webinar

Free consultation with an identity expert

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